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Mission & Vision

The mission of the NWGC is to strengthen the girl-serving community by fostering education and collaboration in the Puget Sound region. We do this by building a knowledgeable, connected network of organizations and individuals who support girls.

The vision of the NWGC is that all girls realize their full potential.


Who We Are

The Northwest Girls Coalition (NWGC) serves as an umbrella organization for organizations that provide direct and support services to girls in the Puget Sound area.  The Coalition supports its members by patnering on professional development programs, offering networking opportunities and sponsorships, and highlighting the work of local girl-serving organizations. The NWGC is a registered non-profit in Washington state.


Our History and Future

The Northwest Girls Coalition was formed in the winter of 1999 so that organizations and individuals working with girls could meet, develop relationships and create a support system. Within months of its founding, the Coalition grew to over 30 diverse members. Today we focus directly on supporting organizations so that their services can become stronger through education and collaboration with one another.

As the coalition continues to grow, it will continue to focus on the following primary three-year goals:

  1. Connect the girl-serving organizations in our network and increase inter-organizational collaboration
  2. Facilitate education for and by our members: support learning opportunities that members offer and provide relevant trainings for staff
  3. Involve members and their input in all stages of our processes

Numerous organizations and individuals across the Puget Sound are dedicated to improving the lives, health, well-being, opportunities and futures of our girls. NWGC connects them to share information, ideas, resources, and best practices. Our goal is to help each of our members be more effective in serving girls.